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Caronlab's Professional Cartridge Heater is the most versatile heating system designed for 100ml wax..
$49.99 Ex Tax: $45.45
An invaluable addition to your salon, this multi wax heater can hold up to 6 cartridges sizing betwe..
$169.99 Ex Tax: $154.54
Caron's Professional Wax Heater provides your salon with a simple and convenient wax heating solutio..
$109.99 Ex Tax: $99.99
This professional hand held waxing system features an ergonomic grip for easy application and fully ..
$59.99 Ex Tax: $54.54
Hi Lift Hand Held Cartridge Waxing Unit, for professional use only. ..
$49.99 Ex Tax: $45.45
Hi Lift Twin 1 litre Kompact Wax HeaterThe Twin Kompact Wax Pot (1Ltr and 1Ltr) by Hi Lift&..
$139.99 Ex Tax: $127.26
Hi Lift Wax Pro 1000 Professional Wax Heater 1 Litre ..
$89.99 Ex Tax: $81.81
Exclusively made in Italy for LYCON. This durable, long lasting heater is the perfect choice for the..
$49.99 Ex Tax: $45.45
Santelle Wax Heater 1 Litre STW62 Thermostatically controlled Indicator Light Temperature Control..
$79.99 Ex Tax: $72.72